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434 years ago the Lakans and Datus of Luzon were exposed for leading an epic pan-asian conspiracy (from Manila to Japan and the Sultante of Brunei) to overthrow the Spaniards and liberate the Philippines. This resulted in the gruesome execution of prominent Luzones Dátûs, including the kindhearted and benevolent Magat Salámat (son and heir of the great Lakandúlâ of Tondo). They were hanged, beheaded, and quartered, with their severed heads placed in cages for all the world to see!"Tondo, Slavery, & the Revolt of the Lakans" vividly recounts the mind-blowing but often untold history of the “Tondo Conspiracy” a.k.a. the “Revolt of the Lakans” that almost liberated the Philippines over 300 years before the Katipunan Revolution of 1896. Learn more about the Laguna Copperplate, the oldest surviving document found in the Philippines that pushes back the official history of islands 621 years before the so-called “discovery” of the archipelago by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.
Explore the precolonial society of the Ancient Luzones, the ancestors of today's Kapampangan and Tagalog-speaking people. Find out why this epic conspiracy ended up an “epic fail!“This is the inaugural issue of "Know Our Roots,” a series of books and zines with notes, doodles, and reflections about history, culture, and everything in between!The “Know Our Roots” book/zine series and the “Color Our Roots” coloring book series aims to help many in their path to decolonize and reconnect with our deeper roots.

Tondo, Slavery, & the Revolt of the Lakans

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