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Kirby Araullo's Books

Kirby Pábalan-Táyag Aráullo is a distinguished Filipino historian, culture bearer, and content creator based in California. As the co-founder of the Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies at the University of California, Davis, Kirby has authored numerous books exploring Asian American, Philippine, and Southeast Asian histories. His academic journey includes education at Harvard and UC Davis, where he developed his passion for teaching Filipino history and culture through indigenous scripts. Kirby’s popular YouTube channel features a wealth of engaging content that delves into historical narratives and diverse cultural insights, attracting a global audience eager to learn.

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While my books are currently out of stock on this website, you can still access my collection by clicking the 'Bookstore' link below. Don't miss out on these captivating reads, available and ready for you. Thank you for your understanding, and enjoy your next great adventure!


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