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About Kirby

Kirby Pábalan-Táyag Aráullo is a Filipino/Filipino American artist-scholar-activist and an internationally renowned Kapampángan and Tagálog culture bearer. He is a Lakan and Dátû by blood, a direct-descendant of the last sovereign King of Manila (Rája Matanda), whose upbringing exposed him to the contradicting worlds of traditional politics and grassroots activism in the service of the people. He is currently the Department Coordinator for Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis where he also serves as the Director of Operations for the Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies. An alumnus of UC Davis, Kirby has also started his graduate school journey in the field of history at Harvard University. He is a research fellow with Sínúpan Singsing, a Philippine-based, publicly-funded institute for indigenous advocacy and the study of Kapampángan language, history, and culture. Kirby is a people’s filmmaker whose multimedia and community organizing work explores social justice, human rights, and youth empowerment. He has been teaching indigenous Philippine scripts (Kulitan & Baybayin) for over a decade. Kirby is also known for his educationally engaging YouTube channel on topics in history and ethnic studies. Coming from a multi-ethnic background (Kapampángan, indigenous Áitâ, Pangasinan, Tagálog, and Mestizo), he is well-rooted in his culture and passionate about his heritage; he strives to decolonize Philippine history and democratize Ethnic Studies through knowledge and play. Kirby is the author of the new book "Black Lives & Brown Freedom: Untold Histories of War, Solidarity & Genocide."





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